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Contest going on now, share it, promote it, participate in it, lets make this fun
Tue Mar 24, 2015, 6:26 PM
next chapter of bleach dark dawn is like... 60% done, I'll probably finish it sometime this week if I can tear myself away from all the games that were on sale recently
Wed Dec 10, 2014, 9:33 PM


Ok so I'm writing a book that involves video game stuff, and I decided that while I certainly could do everything myself, there was a perfectly good opportunity to have a fun contest with this.

Contest Parameters

The premise here is simple, I want you, the contest participant, to design a unique character class like you would see in an MMORPG. This class would be custom made, tailored to your own personality and fighting style (or the personality and fighting style of an OC or something if you don't want to use yourself as the template).

You can include as much or as little detail as you like, coming up with ability names, strategies, what stats they'd be best at/worst at, all of that stuff. However there needs to be some information for an entry to be valid

Class Name: This is self explanatory, what is your class called? Try to be creative with the name, if you name it "fighter" that doesn't make it unique at all
Class Type: Is your class a melee type? skill based? Support? Mage? some mix? Give a general classification that the class could fall into, this will help me compare similar submissions and also give me a better sense of what the class is
Class theme: Tell me about your class, how does it function? what is it's purpose? What is the driving concept behind it? Basically you need to convey to me the nature of the class and whatnot.

Note that those are simply the REQUIRED bits of information that I need, the best submissions, as in any contest, are the ones that go above and beyond what is merely required and go that extra mile. The more detail you give, the more your vision is conveyed, and the more likely your vision will win. The greatest concept in the world can't win if it isn't sufficiently communicated.

Rules and Restrictions! IMPORTANT!!!

1) Don't make it too OP, be reasonable about things and don't give the class a crudload of broken abilities and awesome stats and etc... You can make any kind of class you want, but delve too far into the ridiculous and you won't win
2) The class should be viable for all "levels" and whatnot, since I haven't made all the characters or decided what their levels would be or even how I'm going to scale things. I can always fill in the gaps of course but do try to craft it in such a way that if a minor character with a low level were to use it the class would still function. This isn't a strict rule, but a good one to keep in mind
3) The class name "hero" is reserved, there will only be one of those, at least as the plot stands anyway
4) There are no submission limits, if you can come up with 10 submissions you are welcome too, but come judging time I will restrict each contestant to 1 winning entry
5) Nothing too lewd or inappropriate, if you want to head down that route that's fine (say you want a class mechanic to involve charming and seduction, that's fine, but keep it somewhat clean), just tread carefully and don't go too far

Some of My Key Judging Criteria
here are some of the things I will be looking for when judging entries.
1) Adherence to the rules (cause duh)
2) Creativity in concept (this is the biggest criteria, everything else is considered, but in the end it's the concept I care about most)
3) Development of class mechanics (the more you flesh out how your class functions, the better)
4) Class feeling tailored to an individual (this is important, the class should feel like it was tailored to a specific person, doesn't matter if it is you or an OC or whoever, just so long as it feels like the class you made would be hand crafted based on someone's personality and style, rather than a class that could be used by anyone)
5) Everything else ( I simply listed some of the main things I will be considering, anything else can only help you)

Participation prize - if I in any way use your class idea in my book, you (or rather, your DA account) will receive a mention in the special thanks section of the book, depending on finances at the time I will also attempt to give each one of you whose concepts are used a free signed copy of the book.
1st place -to be determined
2nd place- to be determined
3rd place - to be determined

OK so I haven't quite decided exactly what the prizes will be for the winners, or how many winners I will choose, that will depend in part on how many submissions there are and whatnot, the 1st place prize will most likely include some sort of small monetary reward.
If anyone wishes to donate prizes let me know

If there are any questions about information I forgot to include, feel free to ask

Journal History

A question to my watchers, what is it that you watch me for? 

3 deviants said Other (please comment)
3 deviants said Multiple (comment)
2 deviants said Bleach, Dark Dawn fanfic (yay ^^)
1 deviant said We RP together
No deviants said Naruto, Aria of Light fanfic (eh heh, sorry, don't work on this one too often)
No deviants said Your attempted drawings (if anyone selects this I'll be shocked but hey, I'm nothing if not thorough)


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Well I usually give out gifts rather than receive them, but I'm trying to save up some points to get a commission from one of the more famous bleach OC artists here on DA, like Rtenzo. I figure if I can get a commission from him I can draw lots of attention to my fanfiction

If you have a few extra points lying around and are willing to donate, I'll be very grateful. I'll also do a request for anyone who does donate, though that isn't the greatest incentive.

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cmd1095's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I have NO talent for drawing, but i DO have a talent for writing, so I can offer writing deviations in Art Trades with anyone who wants

things I know enough about to do include, but are not limited too
poetry (to an extent, i know some basic forms and I know Shakespearean sonnets, that's about it, and depending on if i have inspiration the quality varies)
Bleach stuff
Naruto stuff
Kingdom Hearts stuff
Fullmetal Alchemist stuff (been a while since i've watched the series, but i've watched both)
Oh My Goddess stuff (I doubt anyone has even heard of this... but i've watched the anime and read all the manga they have at the library, which is about books 1-28)
Air Gear (I've only seen anime)
Final Fantasy (have played 7, all sequels/prequels of 7, 10, 10-2, a quarter of 12, and tactics)
Avatar the last airbender/Legend of Korra
Fairy Tail

For all categories the quality of what you get will be greater or worse based on how much info you give me to work with. For example if you ask for a sonnet and leave the rest to me that means i have to come up with the topic, what to be said, and how to word it all by myself, if you give me a topic that I know about then it makes things way easier and I can focus on the actual writing. Or if you want a Bleach OC fight but only give me one OC then I have to create his opponent, which I CAN do, but I can't spit out OCs like i'm some sort of machine.


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