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It had been a few weeks since Torin had tested Rida in the captain’s exam, they both needed time to recuperate after the intense battle, even with Captain Unohana’s healing kido. Torin was back in action first, as most of his injuries were easily healed. Rida was completely drained of reiatsu and had more subtle injuries from circulating his reiatsu through his body at a high level for an extended period of time.

Torin got back to work at the division when he got out of squad 4s care, Kira had done a relatively good job keeping the amount of work in check, but he was only one man handling the paperwork of two. Not to mention that Torin’s rukongai improvement program had its own massive set of paperwork to sort out. Budgeting details, approval seals, strategies and implementation plans. Without Torin around to handle everything it piled up quick.
Torin walked out of his office and into a small garden area he’d had set up for periodic breaks. With a yawn and a stretch he tried to loosen up after a hard day’s work. “I’d rather fight another daichiken than keep coming back to these massive piles of paperwork” Torin groaned “at least that isn’t so bloody tedious”

Torin walked to a bench in the center of the garden and sat down “I know Izuru does his best, but with me gone for such long periods of time all the time he can’t keep up… I can’t delegate the tasks I leave behind to anyone of a lower rank than Lieutenant… so there’s not much to be done about it” he said

Torin sighed and laid his head back for a time, then perked up “but wait, back in squad 13 the 3rd seat is shared by Kiyone and Sentaro, why not have two Lieutenants?” he said suddenly “That would solve everything, and then I could spend my time worrying about war matters rather than administration”

Torin leapt to his feet and began to pace “but who should I appoint? There’s Heizo, he’s got the brains, but he’s old and not strong enough for the position. Yuka is easily strong enough now that she got her shikai mastered, but she’s got that split personality issue, not really good for someone I’m going to be trusting to handle the duties of a captain.”

“There’s Ankoku sir” Kira said, making Torin jump

“Izuru-san?” Torin asked “when did you show up?”

“I was here the whole time” Kira said “you must’ve been too lost in thought to notice”

“Oh” Torin said, he felt a little bit awkward getting caught like this, he’d just been discussing appointing a new Lieutenant in front of his current one “So… you’re fine sharing your rank then?”

Kira seemed to sulk a little bit “yes Ca… er… Torin… I heard your reasoning, and it makes sense, I can’t do everything myself, and you’re too powerful of a fighter to waste behind a desk” he said, clearly not happy about the situation, but accepting of it.
Torin sighed with relief, he had thought Kira would react poorly to the idea, but he seemed to be handling it well.

“Well alright then, so who’s this Ankoku you mentioned? Is he new?” Torin asked, he knew the names of all of his squad members, but this one was new to him

Kira nodded “he just graduated from the academy, but he’s already one of our most deadly fighters, I think he had a lot of combat experience before going to the academy, and the whole process of graduation was more of a formality. I was going to recommend you make him a seated officer once you had time”

“And personality-wise?” Torin asked

“He’s… how do I describe him…” Kira said “well… he has an unusual obsession with balance and justice, he’s very calm and composed at all times, to the point of seeming cold. But he’s fair and a good leader of his team, I think he’d made a good lieutenant if he meets your standards for strength.”

Torin crossed his arms and thought, it sounded like this Ankoku fellow was a good candidate, but he couldn’t go on word of mouth alone…

“Call him to the sparing ground, I’ll evaluate him personally” Torin said

---- shortly afterwards -----

Torin stood in the sparring arena, it was a circular arena near the training grounds, plenty of wide open space and few structures to get in the way. It was designed so that squadmates could spar and hone their skills without causing property damage. Across from him was a man who looked unusual, to put it lightly.

The man was in a suit of armor that looked custom-made to allow mobility, and had a variety of weapons strapped to every part of him, Torin saw everything from a sickle and chain to a spear, and he wasn’t even sure which of the swords or daggers was the man’s zanpakto.

Even more unusual was the man’s head. He had a mixture of white and black hair that was almost perfectly split, one side with white, the other with black. His eyes were different colors too, his right eye was blue, along with his black hair, and his left eye was red. Torin thought back to Kira saying this man had an unusual obsession with balance, and now he could see what his lieutenant had meant in earnest. What’s more, it looked like this was his natural look.  

“You are Ankoku Hoshi?” Torin asked

Ankoku nodded “I am captain, it is an honor to meet you in person” he said

“Do you know why I called you here?” Torin asked

Ankoku shook his head “I do not captain, however based on our location I would assume a spar is part of it”

Torin nodded “As you likely know I am often very busy with the war, and am not around to handle my duties as a captain, Lieutenant Kira does his best to handle my work while I am away, but he is a single man doing the work of three. Therefore, I have decided to appoint a second Lieutenant”

Ankoku nodded “then I presume you are considering me as a candidate. Wouldn’t that be unwise? I am very new to the division after all, how do you know I am suited to the role?”

Torin smiled “that’s what we’re here to find out, they say when two skilled fighters cross blades, they can see into each other’s souls. If you are suited to be my Lieutenant, I will know after this spar”

Ankoku nodded and drew a pair of throwing knives

“Begin when you are ready” Torin said

Ankoku nodded and threw both throwing knives at Torin and began to move.

Torin grabbed the knives out of the air, but the act of doing so put his hand in front of his face, momentarily cutting off his view of Ankoku. Torin turned his head to see Ankoku appear in a shunpo next to him, wielding a battleaxe now and slashing at his midsection.
Torin stepped away from the attack, but the axe still cut his clothing slightly. He had to crack a smile, this one was skilled, it wasn’t just that he had above average reiatsu or speed, he was smart, using all of his tools to their fullest even against a superior opponent in order to level the playing field.

Torin stepped back in to counter with a punch while Ankoku was still mid-swing, but the armored man lifted his other arm and pointed it at him, firing a hidden mechanism that shot a shuriken at him. Torin switched his punch into a grab, snatching the shuriken out of the air, but this bought Ankoku time to drop the axe and draw a katana to slash again.
Torin jumped back and threw the shuriken back at Ankoku, who blocked it and pressed the attack, now pulling out the sickle and chain and throwing the blade at Torin.

Torin dodged the blade by twisting and grabbed the chain, pulling Ankoku into the air with him by doing so. Ankoku seemed to have predicted this though, and had already begun pulling out the spear, as he flew through the air towards Torin he stabbed with the spear, using the momentum to make up for the awkward method of attacking

Torin dropped the chain and instead grabbed the spear just below the spearhead, using the weapon to violently throw Ankoku into the ground. Ankoku was obscured by a cloud of dust as he crashed to the ground, but the lack of an immediate counterattack gave Torin time to land on the ground and reset his stance. “He’s doing pretty well, for not even using shikai” he thought “I don’t see why he’s going through the trouble though, there’s no way stuff like this would work on me, or any captain for that matter”

Ankoku shunpod out of the dust cloud, moving around Torin and leaving behind the occasional afterimage. Torin easily followed the man’s movements, but was impressed by the fact that he could move so fast.

From various angles around Torin, a barrage of throwing knives and shuriken sailed towards him. They came rapidly and from enough different angles to rule out a dodge, meaning the only option was to block. Torin sighed “enough of this” he said as he spiked his reiatsu, a white aura burst from him, the shockwave of the sudden increase in power knocking all of the knives out of the air.

“You’re clearly skilled with all of your weapons Ankoku, and that’s well and good against low-level opponents, but I’m a captain” Torin said “regardless of how skilled you are, fighting me without your shikai is a fool’s errand”

Ankoku stopped moving a good distance away from Torin “I agree, I simply wished to evaluate you myself, I’ve never faced a captain before see, I wanted to see what it was like. But the time for personal curiosity has passed… Light the path” he said as he drew two katanas, presumably his zanpakto

Torin tensed slightly, waiting for the release

“Shinseina kurayami” Ankoku said, the blades glowed and vanished, leaving only the hilts. Then energy shot out of the hilts, forming two new blades. One was white, the other pitch black. They were equal in length, and exact opposites of each other.

“Balance huh? Even in the zanpakto” Torin thought “a dual zanpakto too, this will be interesting, until now only Captain Ukitake and Captain Shunsui have been given true dual zanpakto. If this is anything like theirs I may have to be careful”

Ankoku made the first move, slashing with the black blade. A black energy came out of the blade, forming a crescent arc and shooting towards Torin at incredible speed. Torin turned his body sideways to dodge the arc narrowly, feeling the breeze as it shot past and hit a small boulder, cutting it in two and continuing onward.

“Was that wind?” Torin thought in confusion “it was black, but it definitely felt like wind element energy”

Ankoku slashed with the other blade next, this time forming several fireballs of white flame and sending them at Torin, who jumped away. As Torin retreated from the fireballs they changed direction and shot up at him, catching him by surprise and exploding.

Torin landed on the ground, his clothes smoking a bit, he’d deflected the blast for the most part with a pulse of reiatsu, but even so he hadn’t escaped without some singing. Torin turned to face Ankoku, only to have his vision filled by the sight of Ankoku’s black blade forcing him to duck. “Geez, this guy… he’s ruthless” he thought as he had to throw himself backward away from a thrust from the white blade.

Torin placed his hands on the ground as he threw himself back, turning it into a somersault and landing on his feet, then shunpoing to the side as the flames that had erupted from Ankoku’s blade engulfed where he had landed

When Torin landed he sensed reiatsu beneath him “what?” he exclaimed as the black wind from the first attack burst from the ground and cut his shoulder, delivering a shallow gash. “ngh” Torin grunted “so he has total control over both”

Torin heard the whistle of air and ducked as one of the knives from before shot over his head, thrown by another tendril of black wind. While Torin was looking at this Ankoku sent another wave of flame at him, forcing him to shunpo again, only to be beset by the first wave of flame that had missed.

“Damn” Torin cursed as he grabbed his zanpakto “there’s no openings”

Torin grunted as he drew his buster sword zanpakto and slashed, dispersing the flames surging towards him, finally giving him a moment to assess the situation. “Ankoku is, undeniably, good at this” Torin thought “he may not have the same speed or strength I do, but his combat skills are incredible. Every move sets up and leads into the next, there’s no wasted motion, no openings in his offense to counter with, and it only gets stronger over time, as he generates more dark wind and white fire”

Torin frowned at the two masses of energy now surging back to Ankoku to set up a defense. It seemed that Ankoku had recognized that he’d demonstrated his ability to attack more than sufficiently.

“I think I was wrong about the elements of your zanpakto” Torin said aloud “it’s not just wind and fire, but darkness and light as well. There’s something about you that’s off, but I can’t quite place it”

Ankoku seemed surprised “how did you guess?” he asked “nobody ever notices the sub-elements”

“So I was right after all” Torin said “there are a few things that give it away, one is that you never attack with the two in unison, you always alternate, maintaining balance between light and dark. Your fire would be stronger and faster if you used wind to amplify it, but you don’t. Also a close friend of mine uses a light type zanpakto, so determining that your fire was light was easy, and the wind has an opposite feeling to it, so it must be dark”

Torin frowned, he just didn’t get it, something about this man was… just not right. His appearance, his zanpakto elements, his demeanor, the almost inhuman sense of tactics, even his reiatsu felt wrong. “Just what the heck ARE you?” he asked aloud “you’re not a normal shinigami”

Ankoku seemed stunned by the question, then lowered his blades “of all the people I’ve met, you are the first to notice. You’re right, I’m not a normal person like the rest of you”

Torin relaxed his guard slightly, as far as he was concerned Ankoku had proven he was a Lieutenant level combatant, and one of the stronger ones at that, but he needed a grasp on if Ankoku could uphold the same values he did if he was going to appoint him. “Well then, what are you?” he asked “I can’t put my finger on it, there’s just… something”

“I don’t know exactly why myself, but my body is made up of equal parts light and dark energy” Ankoku said “kept in a very delicate balance through my own willpower alone. My unusual appearance is a result of that. Whenever one side of myself gains dominance, my body changes accordingly.”

Torin listened, taking things in, that explained why Ankoku looked kind of like a humanized yin and yang sign. “So your obsession with balance is because you need to be balanced within yourself, what will happen if the balance is upset?”

“When one side of myself begins to gain ground, the process is difficult to reverse, my personality becomes increasingly angelic or demonic, respectively. Eventually, it would result in the total destruction of myself as I am now. What would remain afterwards I do not know, nor am I eager to find out.” Ankoku said “However, I know why you are inquiring into my nature, what you truly wish to know is how well I will uphold the values you have set for the division, particularly in your absence.”

Torin smiled sheepishly, this guy was something else alright. “I think I understand already though” he said “if one side of you is pure light, and the other pure darkness, then what you are now must be completely neutral. Unbiased in any way towards either side. I heard from my Lieutenant that you were obsessed with justice, and that you were a fair leader of your teammates. If that is true, then I think I understand you and what your values are.”

Ankoku nodded “yes, you are exactly right” he said “so, knowing this and seeing my power, do you have a decision? I will also mention that your rukongai improvement program is the reason I joined your squad to begin with.”

Torin frowned, he was starting to realize what it was like to deal with someone far more uptight than himself, no wonder Rida always got on his case about it, this guy made him seem like Shunsui by comparison. Of course, that meant he would make the perfect person to work hard and keep things running smoothly.

“I have” Torin said “congratulations Ankoku Hoshi, your Lieutenant badge will be given to you as soon as it is received.”

Ankoku nodded “I am honored captain, I shall uphold the reputation of the division to the best of my ability” he said

Torin smiled “In the meantime, why don’t you go speak with Lieutenant Kira, he’ll brief you on how things work” he said “as for me, I have some things to take care of myself”
Ankoku nodded again “yes captain, that sounds like a good plan” he said as he retrieved his weapons and went off to find Kira.

In the meantime Torin went to Rida’s new place, he had been meaning to help his friend move in for a while, but had been too busy. He knocked on the door, but there was no answer.

“Oy, you home Rida?” Torin called, opening the door as he did so and stepping in, then freezing. In the middle of the room Rida’s uniform and haori were neatly folded in a pile, with a note on top.

“Torin, you’ll probably be the one to read this,  I am resigning as a shinigami. There are things about my background that have recently resurfaced. I need to go back home to deal with it. Odds are I will be unable to ever return, or at the very least I won’t be able to fulfil my duties as captain. Since we will likely never meet again, thanks for being my friend Torin, knowing you let me forget about this fate for a good long time, but I’m out of time. Farewell my friend” the note read

“what…?” Torin said in shock as he dropped the note, he had no idea what was going on, but he wasn’t about to let it happen. He pulled out his phone and called Aurora, if anyone could figure this out it was her, he just hoped he wasn’t too late…        
Bleach Dark Dawn CH51, The Forgotten Fate
there... it's done... I uploaded something... after taking WAAAAAAAAY too long to do so... Depression and writer's block go hand in hand, but since the former is getting better the latter is as well. I'm getting back to writing stories, I've started to RP on other sites more and more frequently, working myself back up to the point where working on my stories isn't such an effort when it comes to motivating myself to do things.

I'm also making my steady return to DA in general, so yeah, I'm back

as always feedback is always appreciated

Bleach belongs to Tite Kubo not me
So it's been a long time since I updated this, but I recently did something that is making me feel really proud right now

So about a week ago, I learned hypnosis. I have my reasons why but they aren't relevant.

I came across a subject via another subject of mine, I was told she was very shy so I talked to her, worked out why, and then I did my routine

once she was under trance, I brought her deeper, and made up a script on the fly to help her overcome her social anxiety. After that I gave her a trigger to bring her back under if needed, and woke her up and brought her to a chatroom

The change was astonishing

She went from being a quiet lurker who never spoke to anyone, to being an active participant. She was talking, joking, laughing, hell she even flirted a little bit here and there

It was like she'd never been socially anxious in her life, it was all gone, I had done it.

in the course of that night, using something I picked up just as a little hobby, I may have just drastically improved someone's life and set them on the course for a happy and fulfilling life.

Needless to say... I'm really really proud and happy
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Hey, I just want to apologize to all of the people I RP with, but my replies are gonna continue being slow for a while

I'm going through some stuff in RL, I've been failing in a lot of aspects of my life for a long time now, and everyone has always had extremely high expectations of me and I'm under a lot of pressure to excel. My family is in a tough financial situation and I can't find a job to try and help out, my poor performance in college just cost me the majority of my scholarships, making the financial situation worse, and there are other things too. I can't really do it all justice in a journal like this.

As a result of all of this, I've gotten rather depressed lately, and I honestly just haven't been up to roleplaying as much as normal. 18 years of having so much expected of me built up the pressure, and then once I started failing I just cracked.

I've started a new medication for my ADD which should help me get my life back together if it works, which should also get rid of my depression, but it's going to take some time for me to get back to being myself again

I WILL still respond to RPs now and then, just not as frequently as I normally do

Let me make that clear once more I AM NOT DROPPING ANY RPs, I honestly love RPing with you all and don't want it to end. It's one of the few things that brightened my days lately. But I really need to focus on my life right now, so please be patient with me. I'll do my best to respond as much as I can.

As for those of you who watch me for my fanfiction (few though you may be). I actually have another chapter written and will upload it eventually, but I'm dissatisfied with how it turned out, It's not bad exactly, but to me it feels forced. If I don't think of a better way to do it soon I'll just upload it and move on, but as you might guess, with the whole depression thing a chapter following that one may take a while

I hope to be back to my cheerful self soon, but until then, this is where I stand
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Well I usually give out gifts rather than receive them, but I'm trying to save up some points to get a commission from one of the more famous bleach OC artists here on DA, like Rtenzo. I figure if I can get a commission from him I can draw lots of attention to my fanfiction

If you have a few extra points lying around and are willing to donate, I'll be very grateful. I'll also do a request for anyone who does donate, though that isn't the greatest incentive.

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So it's been a long time since I updated this, but I recently did something that is making me feel really proud right now

So about a week ago, I learned hypnosis. I have my reasons why but they aren't relevant.

I came across a subject via another subject of mine, I was told she was very shy so I talked to her, worked out why, and then I did my routine

once she was under trance, I brought her deeper, and made up a script on the fly to help her overcome her social anxiety. After that I gave her a trigger to bring her back under if needed, and woke her up and brought her to a chatroom

The change was astonishing

She went from being a quiet lurker who never spoke to anyone, to being an active participant. She was talking, joking, laughing, hell she even flirted a little bit here and there

It was like she'd never been socially anxious in her life, it was all gone, I had done it.

in the course of that night, using something I picked up just as a little hobby, I may have just drastically improved someone's life and set them on the course for a happy and fulfilling life.

Needless to say... I'm really really proud and happy
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